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Saeco Phedra

Saeco Phedra

The latest addition to Saeco’s professional coffee machine line up is the Saeco Phedra. This well priced and highly versatile vending machine is the perfect choice for small to mid sized office coffee, coffee vending and HORECA or Hotel, Restaurant and Cafe applications.

Described as a semi-automatic table-top or stand mounted vending machine, the stunning Saeco Phedra is available in a number of different configurations including Fresh & Fresh (fresh bean and fresh milk), Fresh and Freeze (fresh bean and freeze dried milk) and Instant (instant coffee and freeze dried milk), and can be programmed to dispense up to 8 different selections.

The Saeco Phedra makes an idea coffee vending machine with it’s LCD graphic display and 8 large and easy to read push button selections which ensures a high level of usability. Another great feature for vending applications is that unlike many other vending machine model the optional payment systems can be inserted right on the front door – no side mounted payment box is required.

An ideal office coffee machine, all service and cleaning operations are simplified due to the seagull wing front door which opens up and over the machine, revealing all user serviceable parts from the front. And with a high and wide, yet elegant dispensing area, the chances of coffee spills and mess around the machine are reduced significantly.

All Saeco Phedra models have a 1kg coffee bean hopper which is sufficient for over 110 coffees between refills and can be mains plumbed or hooked up to an independent water tank.

The Saeco Phedra Fresh Milk and Fresh Bean model includes a cappuccinatore or auto frother and has 3 powder canisters which can be used for any combination of Hot Chocolate, Chai, Instant Tea or Soups.

The Saeco Phedra Fresh Bean and Freeze Dried Milk model has 2 spare canisters which can be used for your choice of Hot Chocolate, Chai, Instant Tea or Soups.

Additional features of the Saeco Phedra include:

  • High capacity canisters
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Easy user interface with LCD graphic display large surface push button
  • Front door mounting for the optional payment system
  • Tall dispensing area suitable for 20 oz cups or jugs

The new category killer in the $3000 to $4000 price range, the stunning new Saeco Phedra coffee machine is available now from Coffee Shrine.

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